The Smile Face Museum

smile face bag

Here’s something to smile about:

Sunday, April 27 offers one more chance to visit the latest installation of The Smile Face Museum in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Organized by artist Adrienne Garbini and featuring more than 1000 smile face items from the archives of Mark Sachs – the original curator of The Smile Face Museum – and several other smile face collectors, the installation has been open to the public for just a few days since the end of March.

SMile face mug - courtesy Mark Sachs

Mark founded the original Smile Face Museum back in 1992 and for many years the collection was in his home.

Here’s a video of him giving a tour of some of this favorite items:

Can’t make it to Brooklyn on April 27th?

Don’t frown: the permanent on-line Smile Face Museum is filled with all manner of smile face memorabilia, including clothing, containers, crafts, kitchenware, toys, games and more – including this smile face toilet seat cover.

smile face toilet seat cover

(All images courtesy of The Smile Face Museum)

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